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Please read the info below and then please fill out and send A sending form with your watch . The form is useful to us to obtain details of repair required and return address details

sending form
Sending watch repairs to chealwatch ltd

We receive and dispatch the majority of our watch repairs by post and have done so for the past 15 years. Turn round of repairs is approximately 2 weeks unless parts have to be obtained from outside sources such as bracelets, dials , special seals or glass. We keep a considerable stock of materials including a bank of popular replacement movements for the majority of current watch models.

This is a safe and reliable method of trading if the following guidelines followed.

bullet Ensure all parcels of watches are safely packed in a strong package and bubble wrapped to protecting the watch.  The best method is to wrap the watch in bubble wrap and selotape to stop it becoming loose and then put in a jiffy or padded bag.
bullet Do not send your original presentation box or any packing you wish returned , it will only cost more in postage.
bullet Send  the complete watch and strap or bracelet but nothing else , we do not want movements only for repair
bullet Posting : We recommend you send your watch by UK Post Office special delivery with in the UK and see below for outside the UK, the following rates apply in the UK. Royal Mail Special delivery will insure your watch up to 2,500 ,if you are unsure of the value of your watch go for the higher rate it only costs a little more.
bullet For all postal information go to Royal Mail web site and click on Postal Prices and then Special Delivery Next Day

Enclose a copy of any correspondence and emails or the sending form.


Enclose precise instructions to us for the repair of your watch ( please do not say - 'as per telephone' as we cannot remember all the telephone enquiries we receive.)


Enclose your return address ( we receive at least one watch a week with not sender address)

bullet Address the parcel to :-

chealwatch Ltd


Peasmarsh Road
TN31 6TJ

bullet When we receive your watch the description is entered onto our database along with your name and address but not any personal details or credit card numbers. We will post or email you a receipt of the watch and later an estimate for repair.
bullet Estimates are free but we may charge our postage cost for returning un repaired watches.
bullet Estimate for repair will include return postage and UK VAT
bullet Payment for proceeded repair can be made by UK cheque ( made to chealwatch Ltd ) or phone me with your credit card number
bullet Repairs will only be dispatched upon receipt of payment.
bullet any questions email