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watch name Limes
Range of watches quartz , mechanical
Our repair charge information We are able to Service and repair  this brand and fit battery and reseal where required.
We are able to obtain original parts from the UK importer expect straps
We may not be able to obtain straps, bracelets and some case parts for this brand

Service charges
  Service mechanical timepiece £40.00
  Service mechanical Automatic £60.00
  Service mechanical Chronograph £120.00
  Service mechanical Automatic chronograph £140.00
  Service quartz battery watch £60.00
  Water Resistant testing and report within service. £20.00
  Service quartz Chronograph and multifunction watches as estimated
  battery and check sealing only 50m - 200m  £30.00

 Over view of watch service.

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Limes Uhren - Ickler GmbH
Hirsauer Str. 214, D-75180 Pforzheim

Tel +49-(0)7231-9729-0
Fax +49-(0)7231-9729-48

Owner: Thomas Ickler
Commercial Registry HRB 1444, Pforzheim
History and company information


In April 1767, Grand Duke Karl Friedrich of Baden laid the foundation for developing the watch industry in Pforzheim, Germany by establishing a watch factory within an orphanage. He wanted to give the orphans the opportunity to be self-sufficient by teaching them a valuable trade.

With over 240 years of history behind it, Pforzheimís reputation as the centre of the German watch and jewellery making business was well established by the beginning of the 20th Century.

Karl Karl Ickler founded the Ickler family business in 1924. He had previously worked as head of the manufacturing department for several foreign companies. With this ideal background, he founded his own company making watch cases. During the war production ceased, but Karlís two sons began rebuilding the company in 1947.

Today the company is managed by the third-generation Thomas Ickler.

Ickler designs and makes watches and watch cases of the highest quality for customers across the world. Our cases are all made here in Germany.

The cases are crafted in-house, from solid blocks of stainless steel, pure titanium or 18 carat gold. Our highly skilled staff use the latest in high-tech CNC machinery to achieve the ultimate in precision. However, when it comes to polishing surfaces, assembling parts and complete watches, and rigorous quality control, Ickler relies on the careful human touch.



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