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watch name Porsche Design
Range of watches quartz , mechanical
Our repair charge information We are able to Service and repair  this brand and fit battery and reseal where required.
We are NOT able to obtain genuine parts or original glasses and crowns
Movement parts may be available for some models
Straps and bracelets are NOT available

Service charges
  Service mechanical timepiece £40.00
  Service mechanical Automatic £80.00
  Service mechanical Chronograph £120.00
  Service mechanical Automatic chronograph £160.00
  Service quartz battery watch £40.00
  Service quartz Chronograph and multifunction watches as estimated
  battery and check sealing only 50m - 200m  £30.00

 Over view of watch service.

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History and company information





Porsche Design / Design by F.A. Porsche: The Porsche Design Studio was established in Stuttgart in 1972 by Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, grandson of the Porsche founder and designer of the Porsche 911. It was relocated to Zell am See, Austria, in 1974. The 911 quickly became the very embodiment of the sports car and, like many other items designed by Professor F.A. Porsche, a design classic. In the decades that followed, numerous classic men’s accessories such as watches, eyeglasses, and writing utensils were created and marketed worldwide under the “Porsche Design” brand. At the same time, a large number of industrial products, household appliances, and consumer goods – even streetcars for the city of Vienna – were designed under the “Design by F.A. Porsche" brand for internationally known clients.

  • All of the Studio’s design work is distinguished by clarity and functionality of form, careful selection of materials, and high-quality workmanship that combines traditional craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology. Since 2005 all products have been developed and marketed under the brand name Porsche Design.

    Porsche Selection was the brand for accessories made by the sports car manufacturer Porsche. Porsche has been producing car-related accessories for more than 50 years. As early as the 1950s, luggage series, purses, T-shirts, calendars, model cars, and buttons – even tie pins and cufflinks – specially developed for the 911 were being offered in the “Porsche Boutique”. These items were sold in Porsche Centers all over the world and at such events as the Carrera Cup. In 1994 the merchandising division of Porsche AG finally acquired the name “Porsche Selection”, which was changed to “Porsche Design Driver’s Selection” in 2004. Since 2000 the products have been sold through the Porsche online shops as well.








    We have currently repaired to following watches
    case reference name gents or ladies type description
    00102061 porsche ladies automatic bracelet
    0709/1999 porsche gents chronograph bracelet
    1106.41 porsche gents chronograph bracelet
    111.353 6600.41 porsche gents quartz chronograph strap
    113.829 porsche gents automatic bracelet
    164537 6610.14 porsche gents quartz bracelet
    190.926 P6310 porsche gents automatic bracelet
    2303474 porsche gents quartz bracelet
    2661742 porsche gents quartz strap
    33863 porsche gents chronograph strap
    35887 porsche gents automatic bracelet
    38407 7176S porsche gents automatic chronograph bracelet
    41896 porsche gents automatic chronograph bracelet
    6600.41 porsche gents quartz bracelet
    6600.41 porsche gents quartz strap
    6600.41 porsche gents quartz chronograph bracelet
    6602.41 porsche gents automatic bracelet
    6605.41 porsche gents automatic bracelet
    6610.14 164.419 porsche gents chronograph bracelet
    6612.14 141'736 porsche gents automatic strap
    6612.14 141'736 porsche gents automatic chronograph strap
    6625.41 porsche gents automatic bracelet
    70734 porsche ladies automatic bracelet
    7176 porsche gents automatic bracelet
    7179.8 porsche gents chronograph bracelet
    7750 porsche gents automatic bracelet

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